Anonymous Reporting Form

Prairie View A&M University
Anonymous Report Form for Sexual Assault and Misconduct

Prairie View A&M University defines sexual assault, dating violence and stalking in the following ways:

What is sexual assault?
Sexual Assault occurs when the act is intentional and is committed either by a) physical force, violence, threat, or intimidation; b) Non-Consensual -ignoring the objections of another person; c) causing intoxication or impairment to another person through the use of drugs or alcohol; or d) taking advantage of another person being incapacitated or impaired, intimidated, helpless, or unable to give consent.

Sexual Misconduct
occurs when the act is committed and where, by failing to correctly assess the circumstances, a person believes unreasonably that effective consent was given without having met his/her responsibility to obtain effective consent.

referenced in the terms above includes, but is not limited to, sexual intercourse, sodomy, or sexual penetration with an inanimate object, the touching of a person’s intimate parts (defined as genitalia, groin, breast or buttocks, or clothing covering them), or compelling a person to touch his or her own or another person’s intimate parts without effective consent.

Effective consent
referenced in the terms above means words or actions that show a voluntary agreement to engage in mutually agreed-upon sexual activity.

What is dating violence?
A pattern of destructive behaviors used to exert power and control over a dating partner.

Dating violence includes: physical abuse/assault; emotional abuse; verbal abuse; financial abuse and; sexual abuse.

What is stalking?
Stalking is defined as a course of conduct directed at a specific person that involves repeated visual or physical proximity, non-consensual communication, or verbal, written, or implied threats that would cause a reasonable person to fear.

Stalking behaviors can include, but are not limited to:
Damage to the victim’s property; repeatedly following the victim to class, to his or her door room , to the car or other places; obsessively attempting to communicate with the victim via telephone, email, posts etc…; repeating behaviors that would cause a victim to feel fearful, harassed or threatened.

Who should complete this form?
Anyone (students, faculty and/or staff) having knowledge of or reasonable suspicion that an incident of sexual assault, dating violence and/or stalking has taken place. *Reporters and Survivors may choose to remain anonymous, however, the University still wants to be informed of any incidents of sexual assault, dating violence and/or stalking.

Why would I fill out this form?
This information will be used to help enhance understanding of our campus climate so that we may strengthen sexual violence, dating violence and stalking response and prevention efforts, as well as for statistical purposes. Survivors can also use this form to request support.

What happens with this information?
In addition to tracking sexual assaults, instances of dating violence and stalking where PVAMU students are either the survivors or offenders, PVAMU has a Federal obligation to investigate complaints of sexual assault and take prompt and effective steps to reasonably end the behavior and prevent it from reoccurring to ensure that the campus is safe for all students. PVAMU will do its best to ensure that Anonymous Reporters will remain anonymous and that no name or identifying information will be offered to third parties during any resulting investigation unless, such an accommodation hinders the completion of full investigation. PLEASE NOTE: Completing this form does not constitute a police report or a student conduct report. To file a formal complaint, contact the PVAMU PD and/or the Office of Student Conduct.

What if I would like to speak with a person?
To talk to a person about the incident, contact the Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) Program Coordinator at 936-261-1468, Equal Employment Officer/Title IX Coordinator at 936-261-2123, or Student Counseling Services at 936-261-3564. A counselor-on-call is available after hours by calling 936-261-1462.

**Any information contained in this completed form will remain confidential, unless applicable federal and/state laws require certain disclosures.

Anonymous Report Form

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