Academic Major Areas for Secondary Certification

Agriculture (Vocational)
Art (All-Levels)
Drama (Theatre Arts)
Home Economics
Human Performance (Physical Educ. All-Levels)

Industrial Technology
Music (All-Levels)
Political Science (Government)

Alternative Teacher Certification

Alternative Teacher Certification is administered by the Director of the Alternative Teacher Certification Program. The program is available for entrance on an annual basis with applications being accepted in the fall, spring and summer semesters.

Admission requirements:

  1. Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution, with an overall 2.5 or greater grade point average (Foreign transcripts must be evaluated for U.S. equivalency)
  2. Provide an official transcript of all university course work from all universities or colleges attended
  3. Have passed all three sections of the state mandated basic skills test (THEA) with the following minimum scores: Math 230,
    Writing 220 and Reading 260
  4. Be recommended by a screening committee for admission to the program

Applicants seeking certification in Spanish and French must pass an oral (TOPT) and a written (TExES) proficiency exam.

Those enrolled in the ATC P are required to complete six (6) semester hours of professional education course work during the summer prior to one-year internship and the remaining (6) hours during the period of internship.

Principal Standard Certification

Principal Standard Certification is issued by the State Board for Educator Certification.

Admission requirements:

  1. Master’s degree
  2. Valid Texas Teacher Certificate
  3. Two years of teaching experience
  4. Completion of required graduate course work
  5. Passing score on the TExES Examination #68

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) meets the licensure requirements of the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors. The course work and practicum hours earned in the master’s degree will count toward the 48 graduate semester hours of course requirements outlined by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors. Students should consult their academic advisor for additional requirements for the LPC.

Professional Counselor Certification

Professional Counselor Certification is issued by the State Board for Educator Certification

Admission requirements:

  1. Two years of teaching experience
  2. Completion of required graduate work in counseling
  3. Passing score on TExES Examination #152

Community Development Certifications

  • Community Planning – Designing communities to address the social, economic and physical needs of its residents
  • Fundraising – Creating and developing strategies and techniques to develop resources to support social development projects
  • Historic Preservation – Preserving and restoring cultures and historic sites within a community
  • International Community Development – Studying communities and their affect on the U.S. economy and preparing graduates to contribute globally through the study and research of national and international deteriorating and disaster torn communities that are in dire need of development
  • Real Estate Development Developing real estate for a community sustainability and quality of life; courses in this certification meet the course requirements to become a licensed realtor in the State of Texas