PVAMU Primary Third Party Vendors

Listed below are the most common third party vendors that Prairie View A&M University accepts third party payments from.

  • Texas Tomorrow Plan Payments- Please submit a copy of your Texas Guarantee ID card or please email the Treasury Services department  stating that you would like to use the Texas Tomorrow Plan for tuition and fees payment. The student will need to submit the Texas Guarantee ID each semester that he/she is to receive payment.
  • Military Payments – Treasury Services will need Form 2171 Request for Tuition Assistance – Army Continuing Education system each semester term.
  • Prairie View A&M University Navy or Army ROTC – Letter submitted from each department indicating students to receive payment.
  • Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative services (DARS) – Submit a Purchase order from DARS stating each student to receive payment and payment amount.
  • USD/RD/HRPB – Submit a student authorization agreement and certification for training

NOTE: All other payments made by a third party will need a letter or education voucher stating student names, payment amount, and fee amounts to be paid per semester. (Unless indicated all payments received will be credited towards required tuition and fees)

** If you are looking for a third party vendor that is not listed above please contact the Treasury Services at 936-261-1890 to verify if that vendor’s payments are authorized for receipt. Please note if you are a new vendor not yet set up for processing third party payments, please submit a W-9 form indicating your tax ID number to Treasury Services by mail or fax at 936-261-1959.

For inquiries regarding third party billing or payments for students, please contact Treasury Services at (936) 261-1890 or by email at stuar@pvamu.edu.

It is the policy of the University to protect our students’ right to confidentiality. Persons must obtain information regarding transcript, course listings or specific registration charges directly from the student.

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