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Guaranteed Tuition & Fee Plans

Prairie View A&M University now offers guaranteed tuition & fee plans to all students enrolled. Undergraduate students admitted for Fall 2014 and after will be assigned a 5 year guaranteed tuition and fee rate, while new graduate and doctoral students will be assigned a 4 year guaranteed tuition & fee rate. Undergraduate and graduate students admitted prior to Fall 2014 will be a assigned a 4 year guaranteed tuition and fee rate. This means that the student will be locked in with the tuition & fee rates assigned and will not experience an increase in their tuition & mandatory fees during the guaranteed time period. The guaranteed rate does not include lab fees, meals, housing, or any other miscellaneous charges such as parking. Tuition and fee schedules can be found at

Flat Rate Tuition

Undergraduate students will be assessed a flat rate of tuition and fees when taking 12 or more hours. This means students will pay the same tuition & fee rate for taking 15 or more hours as they would for taking 12 hours. This will assist the student financially in taking more hours while staying on track to graduate within their specified time period according to their major.

View Your Tuition and Fees

View Your Tuition and Fees

Student Drop Dates for Non Payment of Fees are as follows:

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