Fly America Act

  1. Certain sponsored projects (including state grants) may contain provisions that further limit the amount and type of reimbursable travel expenditures. Travelers and/or appropriate sponsored projects personnel should ensure any proposed travel is in accordance with the sponsored project’s agreement before the travel begins.
  2. Fly America Act – The Fly America Ace (41 CFR 301-10.131 through 301-10.143) requires that all federally funded travel be on a US flag carrier or US flag carrier service provided under a code-share agreement except under specific situations.

When booking international travel, the Principal Investigator of the award to be charged is responsible for complying with the Fly America Act. The cost of travel subject to the Fly America Act that does not adhere to this regulation will be borne by the Principal Investigator’s department or will need to be moved to a suitable non-federal funding source.

Exceptions must be documented prior to travel and pre-approved by PVAMU Research Office. In no case is the use of a foreign air carrier justified because of cost, convenience, or traveler preference. International Airfare booked on a US flag carrier will not require an exception.

To easily ensure compliance with the Fly America Act, purchase all airline tickets for international travel that will be charged to a federal grant thru a US flag Carrier (Delta, American, United, etc.), or use a travel agency for your booking. NOTE: Most travel agents are not familiar with this regulation, so confirm that travel agent in aware that the travel in federally-funded and must adhere to this act.

Permitted Exceptions to the Fly America Act:

If a Us flag air carrier offers nonstop or direct service (no aircraft change) from your origin to your destination, you must use the U.S. flag air carrier service unless such use would extend your travel time, including delay at origin, by 24 hours or more.

If a U.S. flag carrier does not offer nonstop or direct service (no aircraft change) between you origin and your destination, you must use a U.S. flag carrier on every portion of the route where it provides service unless, when compared to using a foreign air carrier, such use would:

  1.  Increase the number of aircraft changes you must make en route by 2 or more; or
  2. Extend your travel time by 6 hours or more; or
  3. Require a connecting time of 4 hours or more at an overseas interchange point.

If an exemption is needed:

  1.  Complete the Fly America Act Exemption Form indicating the reason for the exemption.
  2. Attach a proposed itinerary of the trip.
  3. Fax to PVAMU Research Services for approval.

This exception form will need to be kept on file in the department and a copy should be included with the payment of the airfare for auditing purposes.


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