Procard FAQs

Q: When are the monthly expense reports due?
A: Monthly expense reports are due by the 10th of each month. If you have any grant accounts use on the report a copy of the expense report must be turn into OSP by the 10th as well.

Q: What should I do if I lost my Procard?
A: Report lost or stolen card immediately to Citibank @ 1.800.248.4553. Also contact your Specialist as soon as possible.

Q: What Vendors can I use with the Procard?
A: The Pro Card can be used virtually everywhere. Vendors that are on the state hold list cannot be used as valid vendors for Pro Card transactions.

Q: If I transfer to a different department can I keep my Pro Card?
A: When transferring to a different department you must turn in your card. A new card will be issued to you in the new department. This is part of the clearing process through Human Resources.

Q: What are my spending limits with the Pro Card?
A: Limits are set based on the cardholder’s department budget. The single transaction limit for the university is $2000.00.

Q: What is the Pro Card?
A: The Pro Card is a Credit issued to Faulty and Staff for university business purchases only.

Q: What types of purchases can I make with the Pro Card?
A: The Pro Card is design to make all purchase $2000.00 and under, unless it is a sole source purchase. There is an Acceptable and Unacceptable purchase list available.

Q: Since we are a tax exempt agency, what do I do when I am charged tax on a Pro Card transaction?
A: If you are charged tax on any transaction with the Pro Card have the vendor reimburse the tax back to your card. If the tax is not reimbursed the card holder must then reimburse the tax back to the appropriate accounting code and object code.

Q: How can I increase my Pro Card spending limits?
A: To increase a cardholders monthly limit or single transaction limit, an email from the Delegate Authority of the account used  must be sent to the Pro Card Specialist stating the actual increase, account number used, and reason for the increase.

Q: What are acceptable receipts for Pro Card purchases?
A: All receipts must be original detailed (itemized) receipts. For internet order a print out of the itemized receipt is acceptable.

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