Outside Scholarships

The Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships has prepared the following list for information purposes.
The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships manages an array of scholarships for which newly admitted and current undergraduate and graduate students from all academic disciplines are eligible to apply. In general, scholarships are awarded on the basis of scholastic achievement and financial need, and selection can be highly competitive. Below is a comprehensive list of scholarships which are applicable to only certain PVAMU majors.


Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Scholarships

Animal Science Scholarships

Engineering Scholarships Announcements

Outside Scholarships Announcements 

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*All current and future students are encouraged to submit the General Scholarship Application for consideration of scholarship funding. Students should also complete any applicable departmental scholarship applications for consideration of additional funding to assist with educational expenses.

For additional information on departmental scholarships please visit the respective college’s webpage for additional information.