Proposals to the President

The Faculty Senate serves as an advisory body to the president of the university.  Below are recent proposals that have been sent to the president’s desk after being adopted by a majority vote within the Senate.

  • UPDATE – Compensation Study (October, 2014): The administration requested feedback on its Request For Proposals (RFP) that will go out to prospective bidders for the contract to conduct the compensation study.  On October 24, the Senate provided a list of seven specific requests related to the RFP.  These included a request that adjunct faculty be included in the study and a request that the study include a comparative analysis of PVAMU salaries with those of other institutions within the Greater Houston metropolitan area.  VIEW FULL LETTER
  • Compensation Study (April, 2014): The Faculty Senate has requested that the university contract with an external agency to conduct a comprehensive review of the compensation programs for faculty and staff. The purpose of the study would be to reveal any issues with salary compression, internal equity, and external competitiveness so that appropriate non-merit adjustments may be made..  VIEW FULL PROPOSAL
  • University Academic Council (March, 2014): The Faculty Senate has requested a full review of the membership policies and practices within the University Academic Council.  VIEW FULL PROPOSAL

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