Faculty Senate By-Laws

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    1. Regular meetings will be held once per month during the regular academic session.
    2. A special meeting of the Faculty Senate may be called at any time by the Chairman of the Senate, or upon signed request of one‐third of the senators.
    3. The Chairman of the Faculty Senate shall call and preside over at least one meeting of the full faculty, per long academic session.
    4. Faculty members may petition the Senate Chairman to speak before the Senate. Such petition must be addressed in writing to the Chairman, at least four days prior to the meeting. The Chairman will present such requests to the Senate for action. A person, not a member of the Senate, may speak only by invitation or permission of the Senate.
    5. All meetings shall be open to all faculty.
    1. A majority of the Senate’s members shall constitute a quorum.
    1. Each faculty senator will be provided an agenda, along with the meeting notification, at least two days prior to the meeting.
    2. At meetings of the Faculty Senate, a simple majority vote of those present shall be required to forward a resolution or recommendation to administrative officers.
    3. The Faculty Senate must give consideration to any recommendation presented by any member of the faculty. Such recommendation must be in writing.
    4. The Faculty Senate shall publish the agenda and minutes of all meetings and shall present a report annually to the faculty.
    5. Agenda and minutes of all meetings shall be made available to all faculty and administration.
    6. Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the Faculty Senate in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the By‐Laws of this Senate.
    7. The agenda of each meeting shall be prepared and distributed in advance by the Agenda Committee, which shall consist of the Senate Chairman, the Vice‐Chairman, and the Secretary. Any matter submitted by a member to the Secretary shall be placed upon the agenda of the next regular meeting.
    1. Ratification of any by‐law requires a two‐thirds majority vote of those senators constituting a quorum.
    2. By‐laws to the constitution may be proposed by petition of ten members of the Senate subject to a favorable vote of two‐thirds of the Senate quorum.

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