Resources for Prospective Students

Welcome!  This is the place for you, a place to make new and everlasting friends; grow; develop; and achieve educational goals you have always dreamed about, but never believed you could achieve.  The stresses of university life: Where am I going to live? Is there going to be parking? Will I have room for my Play Station 2 and my 15-foot celebrity poster? Is the food any good? You will not have to worry about any of these issues at PVAMU.  We hope that the only stress you’ll feel will be about meeting your professors’ expectations.  This web site will supply you with the answers you need and the options you want. Applying for housing is a snap, parking and shuttle bus service are available and the food is great.  You will have to ask your roommates about the PS2. You’ll probably be surprised at the number and variety of housing choices. The university has four student housing communities, including apartments for upper class men and a living and learning community just for freshmen. You can request 2 or 4 bedroom apartments (upper class men) and the roommate(s) of your choice. Living in PVAMU housing offers a chance to build a community, not just a place to sleep. There’s always activity brewing in PVAMU residential communities and there are always roommates and neighbors to talk with, go out with or just for hanging out. Residents have the advantage of being close to their classes and all of the extracurricular action on campus. Your fellow residents are from all sorts of places: Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Asia, Africa and California for starters. You’ll find it interesting to live with people whose backgrounds are completely different from yours, but who are facing the same challenges. And it may sound cliché, but it’s true: these people with whom you’ll attend lectures, play volleyball, make popcorn, and proof research papers will be your friends for life.