Engineering Technology faculties are actively involved in research. Their research interests can be categorized into four major areas: Communication and Signal Processing (Drs. Ketkar, Wang); Computer Engineering (Mr. Kennard, Drs. Musa, Sarker); Instrumentation, Control and Robotics (Drs. Kirkpatrick, Zhang); and Microelectronics (Mr. Islam).

In recent years, the funded federal agencies grants include:
  • AC/DC Lab Revamp, $100,000, Dept of Education Title III, by Dr. Ketkar, PI.
  • Research and Education of Robust PAM/PWM Digital Controller, Army Research Office, $500,000, by  Dr. Zhang, co-PI.
  • Mixed Signal and DSP Lab, $805,000, Dept of Education Title III, by Dr. Akujuobi, PI.
  • Innovative Multi-Functional Smart Vibration Platform, $30,000, NSF CCLI, by Dr. Zhang, PI.
  • Virtual Reality Infrastructure for Undergraduate Math Teaching and Learning, $480,000, by Dr. Wang, co-PI, (PI: Dr. Lian in Math Dept, co-PI: Dr. Yang in Computer Science Dept).
Many researchers are now affiliated with the research center of CECSTR and PVNA.

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