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Dr. Mohan Ketkar

Welcome to the Department of Engineering Technology at Prairie View A&M University! We are very proud of our Department, which ranks among the top Engineering Technology programs in the State of Texas and in the Nation.

The Engineering Technology Council of the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) defines “Engineering Technology” as the profession in which knowledge of the applied mathematical and natural sciences gained by higher education, practical experience, and competence developed in a specific field is devoted to application of engineering principles and the implementation of technological advances for the benefit of humanity through its focus on product improvement, manufacturing, and automation of technological processes and operational functions.

The Engineering Technology curriculum and overall teaching philosophy at Prairie View A&M University continues a long tradition.

Before the existence of formal engineering schooling, engineering science was handed down from the experienced mentor/teacher to student/apprentice. The faculty of the Engineering Technology Department work closely with students in the various state-of-the-art laboratories within the Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Programs.  The faculty are well prepared with real-world engineering experience to help students in their various laboratory-based projects. The students learn what engineering experience has taught the faculty, thus assuring that students spend their time learning about what will be needed on the job.  From another perspective, engineering technology is more real-world engineering instruction of current technology and how to use it effectively to solve problems with less mathematical derivations. Our goal is to develop well prepared graduates for industry and graduate school.

In summary, we endeavor to transfer industrial knowledge and experience to our students and accomplish the primary objectives of the curriculum: Contributing to and re-enforcing the students’ confidence, commitment, competence, creativity, communication skills, culture and character as they apply these attributes and skills after graduation and perform as professionals.

For more information about our programs, please contact our program coordinators: Dr. Yonghui Wang (yowang@pvamu.edu) for the Computer Engineering Technology or Dr. Mohan Ketkar (maketkar@pvamu.edu) for the Electrical Engineering Technology Program. We welcome you to visit us and discuss our programs.

Best regards,

Mohan Ketkar, Associate Professor
Interim Head
Engineering Technology Department

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