Since 1996, about 350 alumni from the Department of Engineering Technology have been working in Corporate America, government agencies, military, and educational institutions. They have been working with dignity, honor, and responsibility to lead the American legacy forward. Many of the graduates have elevated their academic credentials with MS and Ph.D’s to work in academics and research.

Some of the major industries that our alumni work are: EDS/GM, NASA, Accenture, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Texas Instruments, Chevron, Dell, HP, Exxon Mobil, US Army, AT&T, Dell,   Systems and Strategic Engineering, Collegis, and CheckFree. We maintain close contact with the alumni in order to get their feedback to update our courses and curricula and stay up-to-date with the technological advancements in the industry. One of the objectives of our programs is to ascertain proper placements of our graduates and to see them in the leadership positions in about five years after graduation. As such, we conduct frequent surveys by contacting our former graduates and their employers. This survey shows that we meet our objectives.

In Career Days our graduates are seen to represent respective companies and they stop by the department to meet the continuing students in classrooms. The students listen to the former students with lots of enthusiasm. These visits usually make a big difference to the continuing students.

Alumnus, Sabino Torres, currently working at Raytheon is in the campus
to hire Engineering Technology graduates

The alumni are seen very much enthusiastic to give back to the department in the form of scholarships and equipment. We are planning to have an alumni portal in the departmental website as a nostalgic place for the alumni to communicate among themselves and also add suggestions for the growth and development of our department.

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