The journal is a new one for publishing original scientific research results that covers any aspect of environmental issue of concern from scientific, ecological, and environmental perspective including environmental engineering.  It is intended for audiences concerned about issues of global and local environment in their particular region.

The main focus of the journal is to publish high quality research results.  The journal will publish review papers that have real merits of scientific knowledge in the field of the environment and can enrich the scientific communities with high quality analyses.  Further, the journal publishes review papers of all aspects of environmental science subjects. Covering a much wider field than the usual specialist journals, it allows the reader to see his or her particular interest related to the environmental sciences as a whole.  Because of the breadth and depth of its approach to subjects of current interest, the journal is an important vehicle of information gathering for instructors; students; research scientists; government agencies involved in programs supporting and managing environmental assessment and control activities; private industries concerned with planetary resources; and the independent consultant. The review papers will allow the scientists to explore the already available data from many sources with the intention to submit his/her scientific point of view analysis. Also, the author has the right to express his/her own review and/or merit analysis.  Further, the journal provides a forum for discussion of applied scientific development of environmental issues and ecological consequences of diverse phenomena of concern, and for review of traditional indicator approaches as well as for theoretical, modeling and quantitative applications such as index development.

The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence.  Papers will be published approximately one month after acceptance on the web site of TEXGED Center, Prairie View A&M University. All articles published in IJESE will be peer-reviewed. The journal peer reviewers will include at least two lead scientists in the field of respective specialization.  The chief editor of the journal will finally accept the recommendations of the reviewers for publication. The journal will have copyrights and will be registered by the Copyright Office of the United States of America. Upon acceptance of the paper, the author will sign a copyright release to the journal.  The author will be able to print a copy-formatted journal in a PDF format.