Industry Partnerships

The College strives to build mutually beneficial relationships between its partners, students, and faculty. We are committed to providing our alliances with the best opportunities to meet your research and hiring goals while improving the educational experience of our students.

We invite you to explore partnership opportunities in faculty teaching and research, access to diversity in talent acquisition, and scholarships and fellowships.


This endowment has been created by the Prairie View A&M University Roy G. Perry College of Engineering to provide students scholarship opportunities in engineering, computer science and engineering technology disciplines. Educational expenses continue to negatively impact the education of many students who desire degrees in these fields. We must provide a venue for which they can realize their dreams.

An endowment makes it possible for one monetary gift to be used for years to come. All money raised goes into the fund. Endowed Scholarships utilize the interest and keep the principal in tact. The interest will be distributed to provide scholarships. Our Scholarships will be available to those who show promise of benefiting from the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering educational experience who excel academically. This means that everyone who receives these scholarships will have achieved a minimum of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

A monetary gift can be donated to the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering Scholarship Fund by an individual, family or corporation. Gifts of $25,000 or more will be matched dollar-for-dollar with the Available University Funds (AUF).

The University will receive and manage the investment of these funds. The intent is that the proceeds earned will be selected and dispensed by the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering to deserving students.

The Available University Fund (AUF) was created from the interest on the earnings of The University of Texas investments of the Permanent University Fund (PUF). Prairie View A&M University receives an annual distribution from this fund. The AUF Endowment Matching Program was established from these distributions. When gifts of $25,000 or more are given, the funds will be matched with the Available University Funds (AUF), dollar-for-dollar.

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