Faculty Research Areas

The College has a wide array of research capabilities: ranging from communication signal analysis to bio-separation to infrared identification to name a few. Annual external funding for research & development exceeded $ 7.4 million dollars. The College boasts cutting edge facilities, scholarly professors, and dedicated students. The Roy G. Perry College of Engineering faculty work collectively as a team as well as individuals.

Chemical Engineering 
Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Transportation: Dr. J. Perkins (juperkins@pvamu.edu)
  • Environmental Engineering:  Dr. R. Kommalapati (rrkommalapati@pvamu.edu)
    • Water and Wastewater treatment
    • Remediation (Physical/Chemical/Biological Methods) of Contaminated soils
    • Atmospheric fog and air quality
    • Industrial waste separation 
  • Structures: Dr. R. Radha (raradha@pvamu.edu)
  • Water Resources: Dr. K. Rahman (kmrahman@pvamu.edu)

 Computer Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering
Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering

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