Five-Year BS/MS Programs

Combined BS/MS Programs in College of Engineering

The Roy G. Perry College of Engineering follows the University’s guideline of combined BS/MS programs to encourage qualified undergraduates to start graduate study before completing their BS degrees. By entering in a combined BS/MS status, a student is eligible to count up to 6 semester credit hours toward both the BS degree and the MS degree.

Admission to combined BS/MS programs

An undergraduate student who intends to enter a graduate program in the College of Engineering through the combined BS/MS program must apply through the College of Engineering Dean’s Office. An application form can be obtained in the Dean’s Office or online.

Approval of the combined BS/MS programs will primarily be decided by the Program Head/Department Head of the intended graduate program. The following is a guide of allowable combinations between the BS and MS programs:

BS Program/MS Program

  • Computer Science/Computer Science
  • Computer Science/Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering/Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering/Engineering
  • Civil Engineering/Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering/Engineering
Application Form