Research Projects

Active Research Projects

  • Dr. Sherri Frizell and others, “Engineering Scholars Program: Fostering the Next Generation of STEM Leaders,”, NSF grant, September 15, 2016 and ends August 31, 2021, $997,508.
  • Dr. Lei Huang and others, “EAGER: A Data Flow Approach to Meet the Challenges of Big Data Analytics,” NSF research grant,Sep. 2016 – Aug. 2018, $299,999.
  • Dr. Paul Johnson and Dr. Yonggao Yang, “CBG – Establishing a Novel Livestock Diagnostic Information Delivery System Phase II,” awarded by Department of Agriculture with the total of $248,986. 9/2016-12/2018. (Co-PI)
  • Dr. Lei Huang (PI), “PFI: AIR-TT: Developing a prototype for the next generation of petroleum data processing and analytic platform,” Awarded by NSF; Period: Sep. 15, 2015 ~ Feb. 28, 2017. ($200,000).
  • Lijun Qian (PI), Dr. Yonggao Yang (Co-PI), Dr. Lei Huang (Co-PI), and others, “Acquisition of Big Data Analytics Instruments for Research and Education in Big Military Data Intelligence at PVAMU”, awarded by DoD with the total of $498,819. 2016-2017. 
  • Lijun Qian (PI), Dr. Yonggao Yang (Co-PI), Dr. Lei Huang (Co-PI), and others, “Center of Excellence in Research and Education for Big Military Data Intelligence (CREDIT)”, awarded by DoD, with the total of $5,000,000. June 2015 – May 2020.
  • Dr. Lei Huang and Dr. Lin Li (Co-PIs), “Enriching Computing Curricula Through HPC Teaching and Research,” NSF, June 2013 – May 2016. ($399,834)
  • Lin Li (Co-PI), “Widening Implementation of Evidence-Based Pedagogy in STEM Education”, Awarded by Department of Education, Period: 10/2014─09/2017, $611,453.
  • Dr. Yonggao Yang, “Drone Controlling System and Application,” awarded by NSF (sub-contract), $8,500. June 2015 – July 31, 2016. (PI)
  • Dr. Yonggao Yang (PI), “Using gaming technology to create a visualization of a hazardous operation,” Northrop Grumman, Sep. 2014 – Dec. 2015. ($18,000) (PI)
  • Dr. Lei Huang (PI), “I-Corps: Feasibility Study for Commercializing a Domain-Specific Big Data Analytics Cloud Software Stack”, Awarded by NSF; Period: Dec 2014 – June 2016. ($50,000)

Completed Research Projects

  • Dr. Lei Huang (Co-PI), “Smartphone app to Automate Residential Photovoltaic Energy System design,” TEES Engineering Network Initiative, 07/01/2013 – 08/31/2014. ($1,500)
  • Dr. Yonggao Yang (PI), “Mobile Environmental Massive Data Collection,” awarded by NSF (sub-contract), $8,500. June 2014 – July 31, 2015. (PI)
  • Dr. Lodgher (PI), Dr. Yang (Co-PI), “BPC -DP: Building Computing Aptitude, Confidence, and Engagement for Students (Computing ACES),” Awarded by NSF; Period: March 2010~ March 2015. (NSF award number: 0940561) ($599,085)
  • Dr. Kiran Bellam (PI), Dr. Lodgher (Co-PI), Dr. Yi Lu (Co-PI), “Targeted Infusion Project Grant: Fostering Innovation and Excellence in Computing Systems: Establishing an Innovative Systems Laboratory”, National Science Foundation, September 2012 – August 2015. $296,140)
  • Dr. Yi Lu (PI),  “Advancing Bioinformatics through Services Computing”, NSF, September 2011 – August 2014. ($199,661)
  • Dr. Yi Lu (Co-PI), “Bioinformatics Research for Agriculture Innovative Students (BRAINS)”, USDA, September 2012 – August 2015. ($299,786)
  • Dr. Lei Huang (PI),  “II-NEW: COLLABORATIVE – Image Processing Cloud (IPC): A Domain-Specific Cloud Computing Infrastructure for Research and Education,” NSF, June 2012 – May 2015. ($340,000)
  • Dr. Lei Huang (Co-PI) and Dr. Yi Lu (CoPI),  “MRI: Acquisition of a High Performance Computer Cluster for Multidisciplinary Computational Research at Prairie View A&M University,” NSF, September 2012 – August 2015. (394,222$)
  • Dr. Yi Lu (Co-PI), “Integrating Interactive Bioinformatics Learning Modules into the Undergraduate Biology Curriculum”, NSF, September 2012 – August 2015. ($299,977)
  • Dr. Yang (PI), Dr. Li (CoPI), Dr. Frizell (CoPI), “Target Infusion Grant: Infusing the Tablet PC and Problem Based Learning into Computer Science Curriculum to Enhance Student Ability in Computing Problem Analysis and Software Design,” Awarded by NSF, Period 9/2010~8/2013. (NSF award number: 1036325) ($170,000)
  • Dr. Yang (PI) and Dr. Li (CoPI), Intelligent Energy Supply Control System Study and Renewable Energy Science Education Initiative,” Awarded by TMCF, Period 6/2011~7/2012. ($100,000)
  • Dr. Yang (PI) and Dr. Li (CoPI), “Thurgood Marshall College Fund Technology Awards for Faculty Innovation in Education ,” Awarded by TMCF, Period Sep. 2010 ~ Aug. 2011. ($60,000)
  • Dr. Lodgher (PI), and Dr. Y. Yang (CoPI), “Feasibility and Applications of RFID Technologies to Support Right of Way (ROW) Functions”, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), subcontract through Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), August 2008 – Feb 2010. ($62,660)Dr. Lodgher (PI), “Easy-to-use Communications Visualization toolkit for C2 System”, United States Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7801, July 2005 to June 2006. ($112,262)
  • Dr. Y. Yang (CoPI), “MRI: Acquisition of a PowerWall Virtual Reality System for Enabling Research/Teaching in Virtual Prototyping,” Funded by NSF, effective 10/1/2009. (NSF award number: 0923447) ($216,779)
  • Dr. Y. Yang (CoPI), “Asset Management for Safety and Operations” , Funded by TxDoT; 2008~2010 ($104,553)
  • Dr. Y. Yang (CoPI), “Benchmarking and Improving Texas Rural Public Transportation Systems,” Funded by the TxDoT; 2008~2009. ($2,244)

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