Industry Advisory Council


The purpose of the Computer Science Advisory Council is to serve as a representative group from industry to provide a communication link between the industrial community and the department. The full cooperation and support of industry can be expected when, and only when, their representatives have had a part in determining training needs and in planning and operating the program through recommendations and suggestions. Computer science can provide the highest degree of service to the computer science profession when programs are planned and managed with the advisory assistance of management, engineers, computer scientists and individuals or groups concerned with the products and services of computer science.

Additionally, the advisory council is organized for the purpose of making the Department of Computer Science at Prairie View A&M University as efficient and effective as possible, so that the community and computer scientists may be served to the greatest advantage.


  • To assist in determining instructional content.
  • To keep the department head informed about recent computer science developments.
  • To make recommendations concerning computer science, techniques, and products used in industry.
  • To offer advice on the latest trends used in industry.
  • To assist the department in the design, development and implementation of new programs attuned to present and projected job markets.
  • To assist the department in recruiting quality students for new programs.
  • To assist the department in student development through cooperative education.
  • To assist the department in faculty development by providing industrial exchange experiences or summer employment.
  • To assist the department by providing guest lectures and hosting field trips for students.
  • To assist the department in attracting quality students by offering scholarships or making financial gifts to the department.
  • Review the curriculum regularly so as to modernize current offerings, eliminate obsolete offerings and develop new offerings as needs are determined.