About the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering

Prairie View’s Roy G. Perry College of Engineering is made up of six departments: chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, engineering technology and mechanical engineering. We offer a total of nine bachelor’s degrees, four master’s and one doctorate. Our master of science in engineering degree program provides the option for concentrated study in either chemical, civil, environmental or mechanical engineering.

Prairie View students majoring in another program have the unique option of taking courses in one of five engineering disciplines for a minor field. These include minors in general, chemical, civil, electrical or mechanical engineering. Including an engineering minor in an academic curriculum helps students expand their career options and increase salary potential.

The Prairie View Roy G. Perry College of Engineering maintains the perfect balance between classroom theory and research application. While students concentrate on basic science, mathematics and engineering courses, they are also exposed to a broad range of humanities and social sciences classes, keeping them in touch with the world around them. Students’ research experiences also have real-world applications, such as the many funded projects focused on threats to homeland security.

Prairie View Education is Affordable

In fact, over 80 percent of our undergraduates receive some type of financial aid. Most of our engineering graduate students secure research scholarships and work on projects funded by industry and governmental agencies. This not only helps them pay for their education, but enables them to learn modern skills in their chosen fields. When it comes to finding jobs, their research experience gives them an edge over their counterparts at other institutions.

Education Outside of the Classroom

At Prairie View, we believe that activities and organizations that strengthen and enhance the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom are vital to a well-rounded education. With this in mind, we partner with engineering-related industries and agencies to offer our students a large number of internship, assistantship and cooperative education opportunities.

Students participating in the internship and cooperative education programs are employed in industries related to their field of interest. Research assistantships are available in most departments for qualified undergraduate and graduate students on a variety of research and development projects.

Student organizations are yet another way for engineering majors to bolster their leadership skills and the development of professional integrity and ethics. Each of our engineering departments sponsors professional and honor societies related to its particular field. The Roy G. Perry College of Engineering, as a whole, sponsors student chapters of Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society, the Society of Women Engineers and the National Society of Black Engineers.

For prospective students looking to establish a strong, hands-on educational foundation, they need to look no further than Prairie View’s Roy G. Perry College of Engineering. And for companies and agencies seeking to build and maintain a diverse, highly competitive workforce, our pool of engineering graduates is a virtual gold mine.

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