Fire Emergency

computer drawing of a wood fire.

In the event of a fire, dial 4911 immediately from any campus phone OR From your cell phone (or non-campus phones) dial (936) 261-4911
Don’t panic. Inform others in your area of the fire.


Fire extinguishers are located throughout all PVAMU’s University facilities. Keep in mind that fire extinguishers are used only for small fires and should be used according to the instructions on the label. Familiarize yourself with the location and type of fire extinguisher (s) in your building. NEVER fight a fire that is too big for an extinguisher. If you have any doubt, evacuate the area immediately.

The steps for using an extinguisher are as follows:

      • Make sure that the fire has been reported before attempting to extinguish the fire
      • Check to see that you have the proper extinguisher for the fire
      • Check to see that the extinguisher is fully charged
      • Pull the pin on the extinguisher
      • Approach the fire with the air current (wind) at your back
      • Aim at the base of the fire
      • Squeeze the handle
      • Swing the extinguisher from side to side


      • Don’t panic
      • Don’t open hot doors
      • Don’t break windows for ventilation
      • Don’t use elevators
      • Don’t leave doors open
      • Don’t be a spectator


When the evacuating get at least 75 feet from the facility or area involved and keep clear of access routes to area so not to delay response crews.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Contact EHS at EHS@PVAMU.EDU to schedule fire extinguisher training.

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