Principal Standard Certification

1. A Master’s Degree
2. Two Years Teaching Experience
3. Successfully pass TExES Examination #68
4. Applicant must apply for their certificate through the Office
of Teacher Certification, Delco Bldg Room  302
Completing courses listed below does not grant automatic admission into the Principal Certification Program
All entrance requirements must be met.
COMMON CORE (18 Semester Hours)
ADMN 5003 Fundamentals of School Administrations
ADMN 5023 Public School Law
ADMN 5033 School Business Management
*ADMN 5043 The Principalship
ADMN 5073 School Curriculum Leadership
SUPV 5113 Principles of Supervision
*In order to qualify for the one (1) year Probationary Certification, 12 semester hours
(including ADMN 5043) must be completed from the Common Core.
ADMN 5093 Educational Statistics
ADMN 5163 Research
CNSL 5143 Human Growth and Development
CNSL 5153 Cross-Cultural Issues
ADMN 5133 School Community Relations
ADMN 5013 Theory Practice and Research
ADMN 5103 School Personnel Administration
ADMN 5533 Decision Making
ADMN 5053 Special Programs
ADMN 5083 Special Topics
ADMN 5173 Computer Applications
ADMN 5503 Principal Internship
(Must be taken at PVAMU)
The following courses must have been taken within the last ten (10) years in order to receive
credit toward certification: ADMN 5003, ADMN 5023, ADMN 5033, ADMN 5043, ADMN 5073,
ADMN 5103, ADMN 5053, ADMN 5133, OR ADMN 5013, SUPV 5113.
At least 15 hours toward certification must be taken at Prairie View A&M University
No grade of “C” will be accepted toward certification.

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