Reflective and Continual Learner

Reflective and Continual Learner

The reflective and continual learner knows the fundamental principles of teaching and learning and uses that knowledge to guide his or her actions when confronted with real-world classroom problems. The learner knows how to improve a teaching or learning situation using the fundamental principles. The reflective and continual learner thinks as a professional educator, can use critical reflection, values professional interactions, and uses self-reflection to improve teaching situations constructively.

  • Self Evaluation
  • Professional Growth
  • Professional Commitment

Commitment to Technology

The Unit’s commitment to technology is demonstrated through course experiences and assessments requiring the use of technology to collect, organize, analyze and present information. The Unit faculty is committed to the effective use of educational and informational technology. This is evidenced in a variety of ways: online, interactive televised, WebCT based, and internet based classes; classroom assignments; electronic communication between faculty and candidates; the use of electronic portfolios; and research assignments.

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