Human Diversity and Global Awareness

The facilitator of learning within diverse populations and environments knows how to help and assist all students especially those who have difficulty, those who are under prepared, or those with exceptional needs. The facilitator understands teacher or professional educator in emphasizing cultural diversity and global perspectives. This teacher knows how to create learning climates that foster respect and trust and can provide learners multiple paths to new knowledge.

  • Cultural diversity
  • Community Involvement
  • Home/School Relationship

Commitment to Technology

The Unit’s commitment to technology is demonstrated through course experiences and assessments requiring the use of technology to collect, organize, analyze and present information. The Unit faculty is committed to the effective use of educational and informational technology. This is evidenced in a variety of ways: online, interactive televised, WebCT based, and internet based classes; classroom assignments; electronic communication between faculty and candidates; the use of electronic portfolios; and research assignments.

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