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Student teaching is the required culminating experience of the teacher certification process. This is a one semester (six credit hours), unpaid, full-time experience in a local public school classroom. No other courses may be taken with student teaching without prior approval from the Director of Student Teaching and Clinical Experiences.

The conceptual framework for both the initial and advanced programs at Prairie View A&M University has evolved over the last fourteen years to view educators as facilitators of diverse populations. The conceptual framework was developed by the Unit faculty after extensive review of the literature in education and guidelines of learned societies. The conceptual framework is based upon current issues such as changes in demographics, global perspectives, importance of problem solving, critical thinking and decision making skills, technological demands, and the need for life-long learning. The framework consists of four major goals anchored by technology and assessment.

Beverly Roberts, Coordinator
Office of Student Teaching and Field Experiences
Prairie View A&M University

Clinical Teaching & Field Experiences
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