Initial Teacher Education Programs

Prospective candidates may seek initial teacher certification through our traditional undergraduate teacher education program, or, through the Alternative Teacher Certification Program.

Traditional Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate teacher education candidates may pursue a bachelor’s degree and a career in teacher education through our traditional teacher education program, which may lead to teaching in the general education elementary, middle or secondary grades, or in special education.   Prospective candidates must apply for admission to Teacher Education through the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, complete 12 hours of curriculum and instruction coursework, and complete other exam preparation requirements.

Alternative Teacher Certification Programs

Prospective Candidates who already hold at least a bachelor’s degree in any field are eligible to apply for admission to the Alternative Teacher Certification Program. This program culminates in a one year internship during which the candidate is hired as the “teacher of record”. The PVAMU ATCP requires that candidates be enrolled in a graduate school program, and complete 12 hours of coursework related to curriculum and instruction.

Clinical Teaching

Upon completion of 12 hours of curriculum and instruction coursework and exam preparation requirements, candidates will be able to apply for admission to Clinical Teaching.  During clinical teaching, candidates will participate in, and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of methods and strategies for designing and implementing instruction and assessment to meet the needs of diverse learners, as well as demonstrate skill in implementing appropriate classroom management and organizational strategies

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