Phd Financial Assistance

The Graduate Programs of the Electrical Engineering Department offer a limited number of graduate assistantships to qualified full-time students. Students who receive such an award are required to assist faculty in research projects and/or teach courses in the undergraduate program.  Criteria for assignment of doctoral assistantships to new students include quantitative information (graduate GPA, GRE scores and TOEFL scores) and qualitative and/or supplemental information (letters of recommendation, applicant’s statement of interest and intent, preparation in the fields of study, academic publications, previous college-level teaching experience, research work in the field, and grant-writing experience). No standardized test scores will be used as the sole criterion for awarding assistantships or for rejecting applicants for assistantships. Student loans are available to graduate students at Prairie View A&M University on the basis of need. For more information about loans and other sources of aid, contact the Office of Student Financial Services, Evans Hall, Room 201, Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, TX 77446.