Ali, Warsame H.

Ali, Warsame H. Warsame H. Ali, Ph.D. Associate Professor ECE 
  • Office: Electrical Engineering Building
  • Phone: 936-261-9910
  • E-mail:



B.S. Electrical Engineering, King Saud University, 1987
M.S. Engineering, Prairie View A&M University, 1989
PhD., University of Houston, 2004


Research Interests:  Power and Control Systems



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4- Hamid Nejatiy, Ahmad Beiramiz, and Warsame H. Ali, “Design, Implementation, and Variability Analysis of the Zigzag Map for Truly Random Number Generation”, Analog integrated circuits and signal processing (ALOG). Accepted to be Published July 2012.

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16 – Comparison of Capabilities of the workbench and Pspice in the Implementation of Laboratory Type Circuit Projects”, E&A Symposium, Prairie View A&M University, 1997.

Collaborations: Prof. L.S Shieh, University of Houston,TX; Prof. Khalid Salama, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York,

Prof. Massoud. Rice University, Houston, TX;

Prof. Karen Butler, Prof. Toliyat, Prof. Ehsani, Texas A&M University,TX

Prof. Cajetan Akujuobi, Prof. John Attia, Prof. Tolliver, Prof. Vaman, Prairie View A&M University, TX.

Students Supervised:


Jian Zhang (MS) 2009 Jian Zhang (PHD) Present

Samson Olewe (MS) 2012 Mamatha (PHD) Present

Babjide Kareem (MS) 2012 Vasileios Galanis (MS) Present

Samson Olewe (MS) 2012

Graduate Research Projects

Sean Harris (MS) 2008

Priyanka Akula Present