Eisenhower HS, 04/23/05

Eisenhower High School-PVAMU Partnership

Physics and Mathematics Teacher Training
Saturday, 23 rd April 2005, 8:30 A.M. – 3 P.M.


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On Saturday, April 23 rd, 2005, the Department of Physics, Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU), conducted a training session for six teachers from Eisenhower High School (EHS) on enhancing physics and mathematics instruction at EHS and the integration of mathematics with physics.

This session was a follow-up of an earlier session held on December 11 th 2004. The EHS faculty worked on roller coasters built using K’Nex equipment and a Martian rover simulation using programmable Legos (Lego Mindstorms).

The event was very successful. The enthusiasm of the teachers was truly marvelous. The experience was mutually educational and beneficial.

The planning and brainstorming session following the laboratory training was very productive. Keep visiting this site for more details.

Participating EHS teachers/student were:

  • Jackie Nowlin, Head of Science Department, DC, SS, TAKS Grad Preparation, Biology
  • Divina Browne, Mathematics (regular and Honors)
  • Amul Kasundra, Science and Mathematics
  • Shawne LeDee, Science
  • Jane Tomsula, Physics & Integrated Physics and Chemistry
  • Tommy Wallace, Mathematics
  • Cameron Wallace, 8 th Grade

Participating PVAMU faculty and staff were:

  • Brian Cudnik, Manager, Physics Laboratories
  • Noah Rattler, Undergraduate Research Assistant, (Major in Mechanical Engineering/Physics)
  • Mohammad Mahboob, Undergraduate Assistant (Major in Electrical Engineering)
  • Katrina Harrison-Akita, Graduate Research Assistant (Chemistry)
  • A. Anil Kumar, Head, Physics & Professor, Electrical Engineering

Student Assistants Participating in the Preparation for the Session

  • Md. Golam Faruk, Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
  • Shani Williams, Undergraduate Assistant (Major in Mechanical Engineering/Physics)