Strategic Planning and Goal Setting at Bellville H.S

PVAMU sponsors a retreat on Strategic Planning and Goal Setting at Bellville H.S.

The College of Arts & Sciences, PVAMU, sponsored a retreat on Strategic Planning and Goal Setting for Bellville and Royal High Schools on Friday, July 30th, 2004. The event was hosted at Bellville H.S., by Mrs. Allene Schmitt, Bellville Go-Center Sponsor and Counselor. Mrs. Scmitt, Mrs. Amparo Navarrete, College Recruiting Coordinator and Dr. A. Anil Kumar conducted the sessions.

The meeting was the first in the series of Go-Center meetings with a purpose of collaboration and partnership to better assist high school students to pursue college education. The goal behind this meeting was to learn how to combine the strengths, share the vision, so that students can graduate with a clear plan of action for post-secondary education. The major activity was to learn about setting goals and developing a viable strategic plan (a roadmap) for each member of the G-Force. One specific outcome of this meeting is the development of a draft document of a Program of Work for 2004-2005 school year.

The event was a success as measured by the enthusiastic participation of the students and the mentors. Two major documents were developed. Each high school student was asked to prepare a Personal Educational Assessment Plan as well as a Go Center Strategic Plan with a comprehensive view of the simultaneous developments needed in the community and schools.

Partners in the event

Agenda for the event
Photographs from the event
Sample Personal Educational Assessment Plan