Partnership for Innovation in Education


Texas Schools in the Global Arena – Is Our Competitiveness Competitive Enough?

A two-page document summarizing PIE’s vision and objectives.
Kumar’s Presentation at Texas Education Agency Sept 29, 2005.
Science and Mathematics Teacher Preparation

PIE is a partnership among several ISDs and the Department of Physics, Prairie View A&M University.

PIE is formed to reexamine the existing science and mathematics curriculum in Texas high schools, and compare with the curriculum in other countries especially in the competing countries. The objective is to make a recommendation on a curriculum in science and mathematics that is on par in the global arena so that every high school graduate from Texas is prepared to compete with similar graduates from across the world.

PIE is committed to empowering teachers to give every high school graduate a competitive edge.

Current PIE Partners

A. Anil Kumar, Prairie View A&M University
Thomas Linton, TAMU-Galveston
Vivian Garza, Tyler ISD
Denise McAfee, Houston ISD
Karen Nickel, Galveston ISD
Brenda Paloski, Pasadena ISD
Cindy Wilems, Pasadena ISD

For information: (936) 261 3140,