ECE Faculty and Staff

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). The Department offers four degree programs: a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering. The Department has nineteen faculty members and over 330 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.  ECE is one of the largest departments in the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering as measured by the number of students, faculty, and the amount of sponsored projects. The Department provides the highest level of quality education to our students.

The curricula have been designed to prepare students for successful professional careers in electrical or computer engineering. Our graduates can be found all over the world. They are productive and hold leadership positions in industry, academia and research laboratories. Our faculty members are knowledgeable in their fields of study, and are authors of engineering books, IEEE fellows and owners of patents.  Our faculty members are involved in various research projects. Six research centers support the areas of research within the Department: (1) the Center of Excellence in Research and Education for Big Military Data Intelligence (CREDIT), (2) the Center for Computational Systems Biology at Prairie View A&M University (CCSB@PVAMU), (3) the Center for Digital Battlefield Communications (CEBCOM),  (4) The Center of Excellence for Communication Systems Technology Research (CECSTR), (5) the Center for Radiation Engineering and Science for Space Exploration (CRESSE), (6) the Center for Information Communication and Cyber Security (ICCS) Research and Education and (6) the Center for Center for Advancing Innovations in Smart Microgrid . If you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering, I advise you to peruse our website to learn more about the Department. We always welcome new and talented students to our program.

ECE Faculty and Staff

Name E-mail Phone EE Bldg Room #
profile picture of Ali, Warsame H. Ali, Warsame H., Associate Professor  (936) 261-9910 342
Annamalai, Annamalai Annamalai, Annamalai, Professor (936) 261-9991
 profile picture of Attia, John O. Attia, John O., Professor (936) 261-9916 318
 profile picture of Cofie, Penrose Cofie, Penrose, Instructor (936) 261-9912 348
Cui, Suxia Cui, Suxia, Associate Professor (936) 261-9917 334
Foreman, Justin Foreman, Justin, Assistant professor (936) 261-9925
Fuller, John H Fuller, John H., Professor (936) 261-9923
  Kim, Seungchan



(936) 261-1601
 profile picture of Kirby, Kelvin K. Kirby, Kelvin K., Department Head and Associate Professor (936) 261-9914 352
Koay, Siew T., Professor (936) 261-9904 322
Kumar, A. Anil, Professor Kumar, A. Anil, Professor (936) 261-9909 316
Li, Xiangfang Li, Xiangfang, Assistant Professor (936)261-9918
profile picture of Obiomon, Pamela H Obiomon, Pamela H.Associate Professor (936) 261-9907
Qian, Lijun Qian, Lijun, Professor (936) 261-9908
 profile picture of Sadiku, Matthew N.O. Sadiku, Matthew N.O., Professor (936) 261-9906 328
Tolliver, Charlie L., Professor (936) 261-9903 320
 profile picture of Wilkins, Richard T. Wilkins, Richard T., Professor (936) 26 1-9791 351
Colleen R. Harris Colleen R. Harris, Administrative Assistant (936)261-9919
Kureshi, Riaz, Engineering Lab Technician (936) 261-9922 124