Hiring Process for Graduate Assistant – continuance

A  Graduate Assistant  who has not had a break in employment for more than 15 calendar days is considered a Graduate Assistance with continuance appointment.  The student should follow the steps below to be re-hired.

Step 1:    Someone from the ECE  Department will inform the Graduate Assistant that he/she will be re-hired.

Step 2:  The student should go the Registrar’s office and send two copies of his/her  transcript to the following units:  1) Academic Affairs,  and 2) the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering:  Click link for addresses.

Step 2:  The Department will extend a written offer of employment to the student with the start date for work.

Step 3:  The student should return the accepted written offer of employment to the ECE Department along with the following documents:

Step 4:  The student can request an out of state tuition waiver.  Click on link to make a request:  Out-of-state tuition waiver 



Note: If the Graduate Assistant has had a break in employment in excess of 30 calendar days he/she will be considered a New Hire.  Please review the Hiring Process for Graduate Assistants –  New Hires.

Inclement Weather Alert 9-20-2019

Due to inclement weather, the main campus and the northwest Houston center will delay opening until 10 a.m. The safety of our faculty, staff and students is of the utmost concern, please exercise caution as you make your way to campus. The College of Nursing, Medical center campus will remain closed today.