Graduate Assistant Teaching or Non-teaching (GAT or GANT) Continuance Appointment

A  Graduate Assistant Teaching or non-teaching  who has not had a break in employment for more than 15 calendar days is considered a Graduate Assistance with continuance appointment.  The student should follow the steps below to be re-hired.

Step 1:   The  ECE  Department inform the student that he or she will be  re-hired as  a Graduate Teaching or Non-Teaching Assistant .

Step 2:  The student should go the the Registrar’s office and send three copies of his/her  transcript to the following units:  1) Academic Affairs and  2) the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering:  Click link for addresses.

Step 2:  The Department will extend a written offer of employment to the Graduate Assistant.

Step 3:  The student should return the accepted written offer of employment to the ECE Department along with the following documents:

Step 3:  The student will be notified by the Department when to begin work.


Note: If the Graduate Assistant has had a break in employment in excess of 30 calendar days he/she will be considered a New Hire.  Please review the Hiring Process for Graduate Assistants –  New Hires.