Steps for Hiring Graduate Assistants

Checklist for students

Please allow approximately 16 days for processing during the open hire period and 30 days for processing during the non-open hire period.

The open hiring period will begin a week prior to the beginning of each semester (Fall, Spring and Summer) not to exceed 30 calendar days.

Eligibility to be employed as a Graduate Assistant

Step 1:  Student completes Application for Employment

  • Student completes, sign and date the online application using the “Create Application” link using the PV PATH Online Application System and turned in to the ECE Dept.

Step 2:  Student provides a copy of detailed class schedule

  • Student submits to the ECE Department a copy of their detailed class schedule from PantherTracks to provide proof of enrollment in graduate courses.

Step 3:  Student completes Confidential Release form

  • Student submits a Confidential Release Form to the ECE Department.
    • Applicable to new hires
    • Students with 30 day break in employment
    • NOTE: Students continuously employment do not need this form

Step 4 Department submits Confidential form to HR (5 business days)

  • Department submits the Confidential Release Form to HR (either delivered in person or faxed to x-1734.  NOTE:  FORM CANNOT BE EMAILED)

Step 5:  Student and advisor completed the Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) Personnel Exposure Assessment

Step 6:  Department extends Offer letter (after Confidential Release form has been approved)  ( 5 business days)

  • Confidential Release form has been approved
  • Department completed using an  Offer Template provided by the HR.
  • Offer letter routed to the Vice President’s office using the standard routing process.
  • Student accepted/declined offer letter and returns to ECE Department.

Step 7:  Department routes EPA  ( 6 business days)

  • EGR (EPA) should be routed so that it is approved by the Office of Human Resources, three (3) working days prior to the Graduate Assistant’s start date.
  • NOTE:  A copy of the accepted offer of employment should be attached to the EGR along with student’ s schedule.

Step 8:  Student attends orientation if new hire or has not worked in 30 days

  • Graduate Assistants are required to attend New Employee Orientation (NEO).
  • Email notification will be sent to the hiring department from the Office of Human Resources confirming the hire is approved to attend NEO.

Step 9:  HR sends email for approval for work.

  • Email received in Department

Step 10:  Student begins work

  • Student and advisor (supervisor) contacted by department to begin work.
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