ECE Senior Design Poster Submission for Senior Design Showcase

Senior Design Project Showcase

The ECE Department will have a Senior Design Project Showcase  one week before the Senior Design Presentations on Friday, April 22, 2016.  Your Posters will be judged and the top three posters will be selected.


Please adhere to the following guidelines when completing your poster:

Poster Template (PPT) 

  • Ues the template above.
  • Do not change the color, size, or font of the textboxes in the template
  • Use Tahoma font for all text content
  • Do not move the College of Engineering logo at the bottom of the poster
  • Sub-headings may be moved and you may add more sub-headings if needed
  • Do not change the size of the poster template
  • Use high quality images, preferably in .jpg format

Submission Requirements

Submit completed poster template below. The poster will be sent to your faculty mentor for approval in .ppt format.

Student team leaders must submit approved posters in .ppt format to Mr. Riaz Kureshi at .



Student: Senior Design Poster Submission

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