ECE Faculty Uploads

Fall 2016

August 2016

Due outs Deadline
ELEG ABET Self-Study Report _final Thursday, June 28
CPEG-Self-Study Report_final Thursday, June 28
Hiring Info for Graduate Assistant Researchers begin  Monday, Aug 1
Hiring of Undergraduate Students  begin Wednesday, Aug 3
Faculty/Staff External Employment form Monday, Aug 8
Faculty Buyouts for next Spring  Friday, Aug 12
College Retreat Tuesday, Aug 16
Regular Registration (Thurs – Fri) Thursday and Friday August 18-19
HB2504 syllabus and CV  upload Thursday, Aug 18
 Regular Registration for Grad Students Saturday, Aug 20
 Faculty Office hours uploaded and posted Monday, Aug 22
 First Day of Class  Monday, Aug 22
 Prerequisite  Verification Form Friday, Aug 26
 Submit Small Class Report  Friday, Aug 26
 ECE Lab Safety Guidelines  for Lab instructors only  Friday, Aug 26
 Late Registration Ends for Undergraduates  Friday, Aug 26
 Late Registration Ends for Graduate Students  Saturday, Aug 26
General Assembly (No class 8am-12 noon)Classes resume at 1pm  :  All students attend Wednesday, Aug 31



September 2016

Due outs Deadline
 ABET Visit  September 18-20
 Attendance Reporting  20th day of class
 Faculty enter the Last Attend Date  21st – 24th class days
 Last Day to Submit HBCU-Rise Proposal Review Information  Wednesday,

Nov 30th


October 2016

Due outs Deadline
 Deadline for Thesis/ Dissertation Defense   (2nd Friday in October) (Oct 14)
 Midterm Exams  8th week of class
  Preliminary Exams  (4th Friday in October) (Oct 28)

November 2016

Due outs Deadline
Student Surveys Distributed to classroom 1st Monday in Nov
 Post ECE Office Hours for Priority Registration 1st Tuesday in Nov ( Nov 2, 2016)
 Priority Registration Begins  2nd Tuesday in November  (Nov 8)
 Deadline to submit application for graduation  2nd Friday in November (Nov 11)
 College of Engr Graduation surveys distributed to Fall graduates   2nd Friday in November
Last Day to Submit Course Inventory Changes 2nd Friday in November
 HBCU-Rise Pre-Proposal  Submission for Dept Review  1st Friday in November
 ECE HBCU Rise Proposal Evaluation (Selected Committee only)  Last Day in November


December 2016

Due outs Deadline
 Submission of IP Grade Removal (copies of signature page and abstract from bound Thesis/Dissertation must be attached.)  1st Monday in Dec.
 End of Semester Faculty Meeting  1st Friday in Dec

Dec 9, 2016


 Commencement  Saturday Dec 10
 TaskStream evaluation of student work must be evaluated  2nd Tues Dec,

Dec 13, 2016

 Final Grades Due  Tuesday, Dec 20
ABET Assessment Reports  Future – 3rd Friday in Dec


Tuesday Dec 20, 2016




Previous Semesters

Spring 2015

Last Attend Date 16th and 17th class day in a Summer Term.