ECE Core Courses

040 Language, Philosophy and Culture 3
History of Architecture I (ARCH 1301)
History of Architecture II (ARCH 1302)
History of Art I (ARTS 1303)
History of Art II (ARTS 1304)
Theatre History (DRAM 2362)
Introduction to Literature (ENGL 2341)
Survey of World Literature (ENGL 2331)
Studies in Literature (ENGL 2342)
Introduction to Humanities (HUMA 1301)
Survey of Mexican-American Culture (HUMA 1305)
Ethics (PHIL 2306)
Critical Thinking (PHIL 2303)
Intermediate Spanish II (SPAN 2312)
050 Creative Arts 3
African American Theatre I
African American Theatre II
Architecture Design (ARCH 1303)
Introduction to Visual Arts (ARTS 1301)
African American Art
Media Literacy (COMM 2300)
Introduction to Theatre (DRAM 1310)
Honors Colloquium II
Music in Contemporary Life (MUSI 1306)
Fundamentals of Music (MUSI 1304)
Afro-American Music
Survey of World Music
060 American History 6
U.S. to 1876 (HIST 1301)
U.S. 1876 to Present (HIST 1302)
History of Texas (HIST 2301)
070 Government/Political Science 6
American Government (GOVT 2305)
Texas Government (GOVT 2306)
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