Student Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure

Occasionally,  a student disagrees with an academic decision of a faculty member or academic professional, administrator or committee. The Department of Electrical Engineering provides an appeals process for the student to request reconsideration of an academic decision.

First, the student should discuss the matter directly with the party who made or represented the academic decision and make a reasonable effort to resolve the issue.   If no resolution is reached, or if the student is uncomfortable trying to resolve the issue directly with the appropriate party, then the student should  follow the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering Grievance Policy.

Steps to Resolve Grievances

  1. Student must first address his/her concern to appropriate faculty member who is associated with the matter of concern within 10 working days of the occurrence.  The Faculty member should respond within 10 working days of the receipt of the complaint.
  1. Student may appeal faculty member’s decision with the department head by completing the Appeal form and uploading here it  to the ECE Department within 7 days of receipt of faculty member’s decision.   The department head decision should be made within 15 working days following the filing of the grievance.
  1.  Student may appeal the decision of the department head to the Dean in writing within 5 working days of receiving the department head’s decision.  The Dean will render a decision within 10 working days of receipt of the grievance.
  1. Should the student wish to appeal the decision of the Dean, the student should follow the University’s grievance procedures. (Student Grievances and Appeals.pdf)

* It may take relatively longer time for the College to process the grievances during the summer period due to the limited availability of faculty.


Roy G. Perry College of Engineering Grievance Policy

Appeal form