MS EE Alumni

Last Name First Name Graduation Year Thesis/Project Title Committee Chair
Kalaria Dharabahen 2011 Proton Studies on Novel Transistor Structures Dr. Richard T. Wilkins
Lee III Henry E. 2011 Radiation Effects on Sub-Micron Devices Dr. Franklin D. Nkansah
Michelin Ian Alfred 2011 Capacitive Sensors for Detecting Intraocular Pressure Dr. Pamela Obiomon
Olabiyi Oluwatobi O. 2011 Modeling and Performance Analysis of Spectrum Sensing and Cooperative Relay Networks Dr. Annamalai Annamalai
Aboagye Samuel Opoku 2012 Hyperspectral Image Dimensionality Reduction and Its Classification Dr. Suxia Cui
Adebola Eyidayo Friday 2012 Cross_Layer Throughput Optimization of Wireless Networks Dr. Annamalai Annamalai
Dunkley Ricardo Kingsley 2012 The Impact of Channel Doping Density on Nano-Scale Metal Oxide Semiconductor Devices Dr. Franklin D. Nkansah
Kareem Babajide 2012 Dynamic Movement of Reference Nodes, For Improved Tracking Accuracy of Indoor Situational Awareness Systems Dr. Warsame H. Ali
Malla Puja 2012 Dynamic Frequency Spectrum Allocation using Genetic Algorithm Dr. Annamalai Annamalai
Olewe Samson 2012 A Cascaded Plus State Feedback Optimal Controller for a 3-Phase Induction Motor Based on Vector Control Algorithm Dr. Warsame H. Ali
Wright Eric Laneil 2012 The Electrical Characterization of the Temperature Dependance of MOSFET Threshold Voltage Dr. Kolawole Olasupo
Abibo Tekena 2013 Wind Power for Electric Vehicles Dr. John O. Attia
Adebola Philip Olawale 2013 Improving Ergodic Capacity and Secrecy Rates of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Cooperative Relays Dr. Annamalai Annamalai
Akula Priyanka 2013 Design of Retrofit Circuit for Enhancing the Dimming Features of Compact Fluorescent Lamps Dr. Penrose Cofie
Ayub Mohammad S. 2013 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Lab Set-Up Dr. Penrose Cofie
Bamgboye Bolarinwa 2013 Industrial Automation: Improving the PLC Scan Cycle Dr. Warsame H. Ali
Gnahoua Richard 2013 Characterization and Reduction of Wind Turbine Noise Dr. Penrose Cofie
Kareem Nimotalahi Abidemi 2013 The Effect of MOSFET Leakage Current on Power Consumption in Nano-Scaled Mos Transistors Dr. Kolawole Olasupo
Oduola Wasiu Opeyemi 2013 Physical Layer Network Coding for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Dr. Lijun Qian
Olaluwe Abiodun Emmanuel 2013 Some New Results on the Analysis and Optimization of Cooperative Amplify-and_Forwars Relay Networks in Generalized Fading Environments Dr. Annamalai Annamalai
Omotere Oluwaseyi Olujimi 2013 Performance Analysis of Multiple Coexisting Cognitive Radio Networks Dr. Lijun Qian
Steward Nicholas D. 2013 Performance Analysis of Data Collection Systems in Electric Power Distribution Grid Dr. Lijun Qian
Tembely Mahamadou 2013 Performance Analysis of Different Queuing Scheduling Disciplines Dr. Matthew N. Sadiku
Ali Khadija Hassan 2014 Design and Digital Implementation of PID Controller for Non-Linear Motors Using FPGA Dr. John H. Fuller
Galanis Vasileios 2014 Modeling of Obfuscation System for Smart Meter Data Privacy Dr. Warsame H. Ali
Galanis Vasileios 2014 Modeling of Obfuscation System for Smart Meter Data Privacy Dr. Warsame H. Ali
Kolawole Emmanuel Sunday 2014 Design and Implementation of Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter Using FPGA Dr. Warsame H. Ali
Ogedengbe Sunday Adeola 2014 Drug Effect Evaluation Using Sensitivity Analysis Dr. Lijun Qian
Suman Guddi K. 2014 Radiation Study of Semiconductor Solar Cell Using X-Rays Dr. Richard T. Wilkins
Afolabi Olukayode Adebola 2015 Analysis of the Load Flow Problem in Power System Planning Studies Dr. Warsame H. Ali
Bamgbose Samuel Oludare 2015 Robust Optimal Voltage Tracking for Distributed Three-Phase Inverters Dr. Lijun Qian
Kelsey Ashley Simone 2015 A Discrete Wavelet Transform Approach for Enhanced Security in Image Steganography Dr. Cajetan M. Akujuobi
Shadare Adebowale Emmanuel 2015 Analysis of Microstrip Lines Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method Dr. Matthew N. Sadiku
Thalakanti Alekhya 2015 Modelling Simulation and Speed Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Using Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) and Pid Controller Dr. Warsame H. Ali