Frequently Asked Questions in ECE Department

Advisement & Registration

  1. How do I  get a registration pin?
    1.  Meet with an advisor face-to-face (make an appointment)   or
    2.  Request a registration PIN online
  2. Who is my advisor? ECE Advisor List
  3. What must students bring to face-to-face meetings with advisors?

Prerequisite Overrides

  1. How can students receive an override?  Submit a Prerequisite Override Request Form  or meet with an advisor
  2. How can students obtain overrides for courses  not taught in the ECE Department such as Math, Chemistry, Physics,  and Computer Science courses?  Overrides for courses outside the ECE Department

Time Conflict Overrides

  1. How do students obtain a time conflict override?  Steps for Time Conflict overrides

ECE Degree Plans and Catalogs

  1. Which ECE degree plan (catalog) is a student on? ECE degree plan and catalog selection
  2. Where can students find a copy a degree plan?  ECE Degree Plans

GNEG MATH Applications Labs

  1. Which Calculus I (Math 1124), Calculus II (Math 2404), or Engineering Application Labs (GNEG 1121, GNEG 2012) courses can engineering students enroll in for the upcoming semester? See link  Math Classes (Algebra, Calculus and GNEG Labs)
  2. Can a student take a GNEG lab without being enrolled in a Calculus class?  No, the student cannot take a GNEG Math Applications Lab without taking the corresponding Calculus course.  If the student has already completed the Calculus course then student must take a 2000 Level Math Course for Lab replacement.Can a student obtain an override to get into a GNEG Math Applications Lab?  No, see 1 above.
  3. Which Algebra, Calculus I (Math 1124), Calculus II (Math 2404), Engineering Application Labs(GNEG 1121, GNEG 2012) courses can engineering students enroll in for the upcoming semester? See link  Math Classes (Algebra, Calculus and GNEG Labs)
  4. How do students know which GNEG course matches a specific calculus Class?  See link  Math Classes (Algebra, Calculus and GNEG Labs)
  5. Which courses can be used for GNEG lab replacement?  List of 2000 Level Math Courses used to replace GNEG Labs 

Chemistry for Engineers (CHEM 1034)

  1. How do students enroll in Chemistry for Engineers (Chem 1034)? Pass a Chemistry Placement Test or (enroll in CHEM 1033 or CHEM 1013 and pass with a C or better).
  2. Where can a sample of the Chemistry Placement Test be found?  sample test
  3. What courses can be substituted for Chem 1034?  Chemistry 1034 has to be replaced by two courses Chem 1033 (no lab required) and Chem 1044 (CHEM 1021 lab is required).  In general students take Chem 1033 (no lab) then the following semester students take Chem 1043 and the lab Chem 1021.
  4. Do students have to take the lab for Chem 1033?  No

Math 3685, Math 3023 and Math 4173

  1. What math course(s) can be used to replace Math 3685?  Math 3023 and Math 4173
  2. Can Math 3685 be used to replace Math 3023 and Math 4173 on the degree plans for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 h catalogs?  No because Math 3685 is only 5 hours  of Math the degree plan requires 6 Math hours so Math 36855 cannot be used to replace Math 3023 and Math 4173 .

ECE Technical Electives

  1. What Technical Electives can Electrical Engineers take?  Electrical Engr Technical Electives
  2. What Technical Electives can Computer Engineers take: Computer Engr Technical Electives
  3. What Lab Electives can Electrical and Computer Engineering majors take? Electrical and Computer Engr Lab electives

Degree Audits

  1. How do I request a degree audit?  First complete a Degree Plan Sheet then make an appointment to see your academic advisor with the link:  Degree Audit Request
  2. What do advisors do with the student’s degree audit sheet?  Keep degree audits in student’s file in advisor’s office.

 Transfer Courses for Summer (Community College)

  1.  Which lower level (Freshman and Sophomore level) courses can I take at the Community College  and transfer to the ECE Department at PV?  See a listing at this link:  Transfer Courses complete a Pre-Approval Transfer Form and have your advisor sign it.

Transfer Courses from 4 Year Universities Online

  1. Which Universities offer  upper level courses that can be taken  online and transfer to the ECE Department? Transfer Courses