ECE CPT Application Process

Students can complete a CPT only at the advisor’s request.  The advisor must make the request to the Department (not the student).  The steps to make a request are as follows:

  1.  The advisor and student review the website:  Requirements for Practical Training | ICE
  2. The advisor and student complete a Degree Plan which includes CPT and explain why it is required. (NOTE:  the CPT must be associated with a class on the Degree Plan –which is more than likely Thesis, Project or Dissertation)
  3. The advisor and student completes the following form:  PVAMU Curricular Practical Training  (CPT) Form
  4. The student completes the following form: Curricular Practical Training  (CPT) ( The advisor will automatically be notified when it is completed).
  5.  The advisor completes the CPT Request Form for Faculty Advisors , the request will automatically be sent to the Department Head.
Inclement Weather Alert 9-20-2019

Due to inclement weather, the main campus and the northwest Houston center will delay opening until 10 a.m. The safety of our faculty, staff and students is of the utmost concern, please exercise caution as you make your way to campus. The College of Nursing, Medical center campus will remain closed today.