Plagiarism Detection – Turnitin at PVAMU

Turnitin is the plagiarism detection service used at PVAMU. At PVAMU, Turnitin is integrated with eCourses, so instead of going to to use it, students and faculty can use Turnitin inside eCourses. Instructors set up Turnitin assignments in their their eCourses classrooms and students submit their papers to the Turnitin assignments in their eCourses classrooms. Grades, similarity scores, and similarity reports for Turnitin assignments can all be assigned and accessed through eCourses.

The following links provide more information about how to use Turnitin in eCourses.



The integration makes it very convenient for instructors and students to use Turnitin within eCourses. However, there are some limitations compared to using the service at If you want to do something in Turnitin that you cannot find a way to do in your eCourses classroom, please contact