Certification Tracks for DL Instructors

In addition to completing the certification training course, new distance learning (DL) instructors seeking full certification are required to teach at least one web-assist course prior to teaching their first DL course. A web-assist course is a traditional face-to-face (F2F) course supplemented with web-based content. It continues to meet according to the published university schedule and incorporates the following tools: communication, assignment, and document posting.
The web-assist requirement was incorporated to give new online instructors practical experience while teaching in the traditional F2F environment to assist with a better understanding of teaching with technology. However, various challenges with finding instructors to teach F2F courses have caused the ODL to develop the following alternative tracks to expedite certification for new DL instructors (click each link for track details):
Non-Experienced Facilitator
Experienced Facilitator
Once the training and (if necessary) web-assist requirements are met, certified instructors can be assigned to existing online courses by their department. To request enrollment in the OICT, email the ODL at dlearning@pvamu.edu.
Before enrolling in the certification training course, please submit a signed copy of the Certification Agreement. The agreement can be downloaded, filled out online and then printed to obtain the necessary signatures. The signed and completed form can be scanned and emailed to the ODL or a hardcopy can be sent via campus mail. Click HERE to open the Certification_Agreement in your browser window.

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