LockDown Browser Installation

For tests, exams, and quizzes that require the LockDown Browser, the application has to be installed on the PC on which you plan to access them. For the duration of the test, this software will allow access to the test only, and block access to all other programs and several functions like printing and copying and pasting.

The LockDown Browser is available on all PC’s in HOBT College of Business PC labs as well as the PVAMU Center for Instructional Innovation and Technology Services (Ci2TS) PC labs. Students have to download and install (or request a PC lab facilitator or administrator to download and install) the LockDown Browser on any PC not located in one of these PC labs.

To download and install the Lockdown Browser please click the link below (it can also be copied and pasted into your Internet browser address bar):

REMEMBER: To take a quiz or an exam that requires the Lockdown Browser, the user MUST ACCESS THE QUIZ OR EXAM THROUGH THE LOCKDOWN BROWSER. LockDown Browser exams are not accessible through other Internet browsers (for example: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape).

LockDown Browser exams are accessed by clicking the LockDown Browser shortcut from the PC desktop or Programs menu.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Ci2TS at ciits@pvamu.edu or 936-261-3283