Faculty FAQs

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eCourses Login

How do I login to eCourses?

Online Course Development & Instructor Certification

What is the process of developing an Online Course?

What is the process for instructor certification?

Minimum Presence

How do I update the Minimum Presence information?

Course Organization

How can I add a welcome message to the top of my eCourse course homepage?

How do I take attendance in eCourses?

How do I add a syllabus in eCourses?

How do I post content to my eCourse?

What is Chunking?

How can I change my course from the weekly format to the topic format?

How can I copy content from one course to another in eCourses?

How do I create groups in eCourses?


How do I use discussion forums in eCourses?

What mail tools are available in eCourses?


How do I work with assignments in eCourses?

How can I view and grade submitted assignments in eCourses?


What plagiarism detection tools are available in eCourses?

How do I create a Turnitin Assignment?

How do I save a Turnitin Originality Report?

Turnitin Tips

eCourse Gradebook

How do I add grades to eCourses?

How do I organize grades in the eCourses Gradebook?

How do I calculate Grades in eCourses?

How do I set up the eCourses Gradebook?


How do I clear the cache and cookies in my Internet Browser?


How do faculty evaluate student work using Taskstream?

How do I create a Tenure Promotion ePortfolio?

How do I create an Assessment Plan?

How do I create an Action Plan?

Creating a Password

Submission and Review Steps