DL Course Development Guidelines

The steps below outline the development guidelines for PVAMU Distance Learning Courses. You can click the “expand>>” link at each step for more detailed information. Printable PDF version of the guidelines

Step 1)
Contact the ODL – If interested in developing a DL course, please contact the Office of Distance Learning (ODL) to speak to one of the instructional designers: email dlearning@pvamu.edu; phone: 936-261-3283. (expand>>)

Step 2)
Develop the DL course – IMPORTANT NOTE: The course approval form must be submitted and course development must be completed at least one semester before the semester in which the course is to be delivered. (expand>>)

Step 3)
Obtain approval to teach the DL course from College Dean or Department Head. (expand>>)

Step 4)
Course Review – Important note:  Be sure to allow adequate review time for the course prior to the semester in which the course is to be delivered. (expand>>)

Step 5)
Release time – Release time is to be provided to PVAMU faculty who develop and teach a course which has not been previously delivered online. (expand>>)

Step 6)
Course Delivery – Please remember to obtain as much feedback from your students during the course as you can so that adjustments can be made if necessary.  Student feedback is very important to the process of making the course as effective and engaging as possible. (expand>>)

Inclement Weather Closure 1/17/18

All PVAMU campuses will remain closed through tomorrow, Wednesday, January 17, due to inclement weather and the potential for hazardous road conditions. Please continue to monitor the PVAMU website and official social media sites for more information.