Welcome Message

Dr. Kay Norman - Director Diagnostic Testing and Disability Services

Welcome! As director of the Prairie View A&M University Office of Diagnostic Testing and Disability Services, I welcome you to our Division’s webpage. We hope to contribute to student success by being a valuable resource to persons with disabilities. Our mission is to assist individuals with disabilities to achieve to their greatest potential while at this university and beyond.

Persons with disabilities have always been present in the university environment. Examples range from students with notoriety such as Helen Keller who entered Radcliff College in 1900 to the huge influx of physically challenged individuals studying through the GI Bill. Our purpose is clear and steady: to promote equity and access to all curricular and co-curricular offerings at the University.

As an educational support unit, we offer individualized diagnostic testing, in-class accommodations, assistive technology, and referral to campus-wide departments and agencies in the broader community.  Please browse our website or visit our office.

Our motto, “Excellence in service to students” is alive and well on “the hill!”