Alumni Giving Campaign

The largest grossing component of the Annual Fund is Prairie View A&M University’s Alumni Giving Campaign. Currently in its fifth year, summer 2016 over 40,000 alumni and friends are being called and solicited for support by undergraduate students. The Phonathon affords students the opportunity to connect with alumni and discuss campus news as well as allows students to earn an income while on campus. Topics of conversation include: The Marching Storm Band Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Invitation, Prairie View being listed among 30 Best Universities in the State of Texas, and the opening of the new sports complex to name a few.

As a result of the overwhelming support over the past four years, the Office of Development has built its own call center.  Only a few HBCU’s have a call center on campus.   The call center provides opportunities for students and alumni to make an interpersonal connection, in addition to creating awareness about campus news.  During our last campaign, Spring 2015 Phonathon, PV grossed over $60,000 in pledges with an increase in Alumni participation and matching gifts.   Continued support from Alumni nationwide will allow this critical component of the Annual Fund to thrive.  More Alumni Affinity groups like the National Alumni Association local chapters; Athletics, National PanHellenic Council Members, and professional organizations will also be contacted, garnering additional support.

Why do we call?

Our mission is to increase Annual Fund participation among alumni, while also establishing ties with those who are unable to come back to campus. We call donors and prospective donors to ask for support and to thank them for contributing to the quality education we receive. We hope that by calling our alumni will want to become engaged through financial contributions, mentoring and in-kind services.

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