Research Topics

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of todays needs and challenges. The SECURE Center of Excellence is dedicated to emerging ideas and needs for the research arena.  As such, we will continuously monitor and survey the field in order to identify novel and pivotal research ideas, so that our efforts are responding accordingly.

POWERGRID CYBERSECURITY As more and more information is made available on the web, critical infrastructures such as smart grids are targeted by adversaries. Our center is responding to the critical threat, by advancing network security in the form of intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems. It is vital that a more advanced and secure powergrid infrastructure is used, and we are working to make the next generation of secure, smart grids a reality. Dr. Matthew Sadiku
Dr. Ali Warsame
WIRELESS SECURITY Due to the broadcast nature, wireless networks are accessible to both authorized and illegitimate users. There is no single security mechanism that can provide overall security for wireless networks (voice and data). This research foci characterizes various wireless networks (wireless mesh networks, ad hoc networks, and wireless sensor networks) and develops customized security protocols. Dr. Matthew Sadiku
SOCIAL NETWORKING & VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS This research team is investigating privacy preservation in data publishing, protecting users’ privacy in applications developed by online social networks (OSNs), and location privacy in mobile social networks. As social media is rapidly integrated into our lives, it is paramount that we are able to establish a security environment for people to share their data on OSNs without risking their safety. Dr. Na Li
INTERNET of THINGS & CLOUD COMPUTING Internet of Things (IoT) system components include wireless monitors, displays and processors. This research proposes implementing a low-power FPGA-based power management system which monitors sensors to determine when power hungry IoT system components are to be placed in standby or wake-up modes. This research aims to extend battery and display lifetimes for devices and to increase performance in terms of the speed of system by doing the complex tasks that are normally done by Central Processing Units (CPU). Dr. Siew Koay

Dr. Pamela Obiomon

MALWARE & VIRUS DETECTION PROTECTION The internet is a vast platform for malwares to hide with over 300 million domain names, over 4 billion IP addresses and many more name servers, hostnames and email addresses within the infrastructure of Domain Name Servers (DNS). Researchers are working to test and implementing a Cyber Threat Intelligence which involves an advanced threat scenario for malware and address safety and identification concerns. Research is also focused on characterizing signature and signature-less attacks. Studies are underway to create adaptive solutions and best practices We are creating tools and data in order to identify threat infrastructure while isolating and defeating criminal networks. Dr. Emmanuel Opara

Mr. Carl Taylor

MANUFACTURING CYBERSECURITY Today’s manufacturing is advancing with the development of new interconnected systems and data-run factories, production and supply chains. Industrial control systems (ICS) are vulnerable to cyber threats, and attacks to these systems could jeopardize the industrial operations, safety, and stability. Researchers aim to study and analyze the ever increasing number of attack tools/techniques. Simultaneously, they are dedicated to developing credible defense systems that are specific for the manufacturing industry. Dr. Matthew Sadiku
Dr. Shumon Alam
Dr. Sarhan Musa
CYBER SECURITY EDUCATION AND RESEARCH WITH PROTOTYPES We are dedicated to building a cybersecurity well-trained workforce capable of implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity advancements in practice, knowledge, and policy. We will meet the challenges in cybersecurity by providing education and research & development opportunities to our students, faculty and to our partners along with community outreach program and build trained workforce.   Dr. Cajetan Akujuobi

 Dr. Sarhan Musa